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Upcoming ForkPlay Events

Cecile DeMeal®The Romance Chef®, will be hosting a ForkPlay® Show and Tasting, Wednesday July 3, 2024 7:00 PM at Santa Monica Playhouse, 1211 4th Street, Santa Monica, CA. Shelley will be preparing Xplicit Edibles from ForkPlay® with an Erotic Patriotic 4th of July theme, including skewered Bar-B-Cuties, Haute Dogs, red, white and blue tacos and everybody’s favorite Nookie Cookies®.

Shelley Featured on ‘The Actor’s Choice’ Podcast June 5, 2023

Shelley Fisher, aka Cecile DeMeal®, assumes her role as The Romance Chef®, during an interview by The Actor’s Choice host Ron Brewington. The conversation focused on Xplicit Edibles from ForkPlay® such as StudMuffins®, Shrimp Spanky® and Shelley’s favorite, Nookie Cookies®. Be sure to check out the interview below!

Shelley Puts On a ForkPlay® Comedy Show at Santa Monica Playhouse

Shelley, The Romance Chef® hosted and performed for the October 20, 2018 ForkPlay® comedy cooking show at Santa Monica Playhouse. She was honored to be joined by the Bareburger Chefs + Owners Chris Crouch + Mark Turner. Everything was “Finger Lickin’ Good“. Yum yum!

Shelley Does Paris!

Shelley, The Romance Chef®, brought the love to the city of love. Follow her through her stay at the beautiful Relais Christine on the romantic left bank Paris! Ooh lala! Check out her thoughts in the video below!

Shelley Featured on NBC’s “The Other Half” TV Program

Our very own Cecil DeMeal®, The Romance Chef® whipped up some Xplicit Edibles®recipes to put you in the mood for life and love, enhanced with TLC on NBC’s “The Other Half”. She served special StudMuffins®, Shrimp Spanky®, and Nookie Cookies® to hosts Dick Clark and Danny Bonaduce. Check out the recording below!

Nookie Cookies® from ForkPlay® Sold Out at Harry’s Drugtown Location in Santa Monica, CA

Thanks to all of you who purchased our Holiday Baskets of Nookie Cookies® at Drugtown Pharmacy this year. The sale for December 2015 has now concluded! Thank you, and see you all next year!

Shelley Featured of The Joey English Show, 94.3 KNEWS FM

Shelley, The Romance Chef®, returned for another interview on The Joey English Show94.3 KNEWS FM, The Voice of the Valley, to discuss her newest Xplicit Edibles from ForkPlay® creations during this recent Valentine’s Day Friday, February, 14, 2014.   The outside temperature was almost as hot as the conversation between these two dynamic divas.

Shelley Features Xplicit Edibles from ForkPlay® at Harry’s Drugtown in Santa Monica, CA

Shelley, The Romance Chef® and her Xplicit Edibles from ForkPlay® were another huge hit at Harry’s Drugtown in Santa Monica this past Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2014.  By mid-afternoon every delectable crumb was purchased from Shelley’s ‘finger lickin good’ display.

Shelley Featured on Actors Reporter TV Program

Shelley, The Romance Chef® presented her sensuous and delicious Valentine’s menu from Xplicit Edibles from ForkPlay® on a special StudMuffins®, segment on the Actors Reporter TV show February 12, 2014.  Viewers called in for sexy advice from The Romance Chef®.  Feedback from fans has been overwhelming, especially from females who verified that their favorite StudMuffins loved the StudMuffins® recipes. Be sure to check out the interview below!

Stay Tuned for Tour De Fork® TV!

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ForkPlay®, the show that’s all about food to put you in the mood for love and life. Usually when people ask me what I’m making for dinner I say, ‘reservations’. But, I remember my mama said, ‘Shelley, kissin’ don’t last…cookin’ do, so I created couples cooking also known as KISS Cuisine. (Keep It Simple and Satisfying!) We feature fun, easy, and healthy recipes to enhance your relationships and everything we got is Finger Lickin’ Good! On ForkPlay®, I play Cecile DeMeal®, The Romance Chef®.

Prior to creating ForkPlay®, a meaningful relationship lasted till dinner time. If he picked up the check, it was a commitment. Even though eatin’ ain’t cheatin’, a lot of men lied to me about their other relationships.

The ForkPlay® product line, known as Xplicit Edibles from ForkPlay®, includes StudMuffins®, Shrimp Spanky®, HumperNickel, Shish-ka-boobs® and, everybody’s favorite, Nookie Cookies®.  Enhanced with the Secret Love Molecule Phenylethylamine, the powerful compound found in chocolate, these delectable morsels will have you begging for more.


Born and raised in the heart of the Mississippi Delta in Memphis, Tennessee, home of rock ‘n roll and the blues, Shelley comes by her love of music and entertainment naturally. After completing her graduate work in fine arts and drama at UCLA, she recorded a solo album on Fantasy Records, rocked the disco charts with her hit rendition of ‘Wonder Woman’ on Roadshow Records, and wrote ‘Disgorilla’, the sequel to Rick Dees ‘Disco Duck’. Her dynamic and diversified repertoire features Blues, R&B, Pop, Rock ‘N’ Roll, and Country.  Her unique blend of soulful music, earthy vocals and comedy has captivated audiences worldwide. Creator and star of the romantic comedy cooking show, ForkPlay®, Shelley appears as Cecile DeMeal, The Romance Chef and was featured with Dick Clark and Danny Bonaduce on NBC’s ‘The Other Half’ as well as ‘Breakfast TV’ Vancouver, Canada and The Playboy Network. She has also appeared on many national TV shows including ‘The Jake Ehrenreich Show’ and ‘L’Chaim’ on JBSTV as well as WHBQ Morning Show. She is currently touring the U.S. performing her critically acclaimed solo musical play ‘THE HEBREW HILLBILLY,’ the longest running solo musical play in the United States.


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